Thats right everyone Geotrackers will be back!

So here is the plan. On NOVERBER 9th (Two years since the 1st comic) a brand new Geoman story will be posted, and there will be a new comic EVERY week day until the end of the year! Thats right a whole new PAGE everyday! After that the normal schedule will return, twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays).

I know that this is quite away away, but it will be worth it. Since the last Geoman story ended I have had the new one in my head, and i am only just starting to write it. At this moment i have 14 pages written and if i am to stick with my ‘plan’ then the story needs to be 38 pages. I wanted to get this done befor i started to post it (hence the wait) so while you guys are enjoying the EPIC Geoman I can concentrate on getting some Geotrackers strips done and get back into the swing of drawing and writting them.

I have a lot of brand new and exciting ideas for the strips too. I have lernt on my time off from the comic i need to keep it fresh and exciting otherwise i do not want to draw it and you will probably not want to read them. So as i said i have a lot of new ideas. Maybe even some new permanent character??? (shh! dont tell anyone!)

Ok i will leave it there, hope you all come back NOVEMBER 9th!