Steve is the brains of the operation and never go’s out Geocaching with out being fully prepared. He makes sure he has all the things he will need. Maps, GPS, Geo swag, campus and anything else you could think of. Unless he forgets that is!

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Dan never takes anything to seriously and is always up for having some fun.He one day want to be the worlds best Geocacher and find the most Caches EVER! He still has a pretty long way to fulfill that dream.

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Fred is a little alien toy that Dan found whilst Geocaching one day and he decided to keep him on a shelve in his room.  Fred is a good friend and is always trying to look after Herb and help him out anyway he can.

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Herb is just gross! As he hasn’t got any hands he uses his tongue for everything and I do mean EVERYTHING! Herb likes to have fun and get himself into a bit of trouble at times but he knows that Fred will look after him in the end.

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Geoman is a super hero who’s job it is to keep the city of Tracksville safe from danger. Geoman’s secret identity has still yet to be reviled, but one day maybe all will find out who Geoman really is!

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Cache Boy

Cache Boy is Geoman’s sidekick. Until recently Geoman thought Cache Boy was just a kid that kept annoying people in the park. That all changed when Cache Boy sved Geoman from The Geoker.

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The Geoker

The Geoker is Geoman’s arch rival who is yet to be caught by Geoman. The Geoker want to still all the Geo swag from Tracksville, but he also wants to KILL Geoman!

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First to Find Girl

First to Find Girl helped Geoman stop The Muggler in the first Geoman story, but in ‘Geoman Returns’ she help The Geoker capture Geoman. Is she good or bad? Dose SHE even know? Will she EVER stop kissing Geoman? Maybe we will find out!

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