Geotrackers is 2 years old today!! Ok some of you may say that most of the last year didnt count as there was not a lot of comics, but there where still a few lol As of this moment there are 131 comics! We are celebrating the birthday with a special Geoman story line, and this will run EVERY weekday for the rest of the year! Come the new year a regular Geotrackers strips will be posted on Mondays and Thursdays.

I am going to keep my goals for the 3rd year to myself as i posted them last year and didnt really hit any of them, but what can you expect from year 3? 1) A very good (well i think) Geoman story. That has been in my head since the first one finished. (Read Here) I am very excited about this story and fill i have pushed myself with the art to. So hopefully that will come across. 2) Geotrackers to return in the new year and to be posted (as best I can) to schedule. 3) Possible a few new characters. I have been hinting about this for a while now but i have finally written in two new permanent characters. You will see them early part of next year!

I want to thank everyone that comes here regally and all the people that help spread the word. Don’t forget to come here EVERY weekday for a brand new Geoman page!

Thanks for reading!